6 Weeks to Internship – Information sessions to assist college students toward their dream internship.

Making dream careers obtainable through mentorship, exclusive training, and internship and career opportunities.

Making the transition from college to the fast-paced business world can be a daunting task. The team at KRUSH CAREERS understands the needs and challenges from all viewpoints, including student, parent, educator and corporate perspective.  Let our experienced team provide exclusive training and support to match you with one of our internship or career opportunities.

Hard working, ambitious individuals are lining up to become a part of the KRUSH CAREER program. Let us find your dream career.



College provides the education you need for your industry. KRUSH CAREERS offers a competitive program that provides training and mentorship to strengthen your skills. We then help you find an internship that could launch your post college career. Let’s get started.


Are you searching for qualified interns to support your business? KRUSH CAREERS extensively interviews and selects top college talent streamlining the process. We match your needs with each candidate’s unique skillset to find your business qualified team members.


Your institution educates students for their chosen field. KRUSH CAREERS offers an exclusive partnership to help your students transition from college into a rewarding career. Join us as we support students searching for distinguished internship and career opportunities.