Are you searching for interns and full time diverse talent?

We are elated you chose to spend your time searching and getting to know us. Krush Careers is all about equipping your organization with the right talent.

Imagine this….hiring talent that joins your team with 30+ years of wisdom and imparted experience as a new hire. 

A sample of the Krush Careers Curricula includes:

  • Getting ready: Setting up your Linkedin Profile
  • Is Technology working for you or against you? Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media
  • Emotional Intelligence: Connecting with the world around you
  • Commitment and Accountability
  • Community Leadership not just Doership-Developing Leaders worth following

Imagine the ability to have the Innovation that comes with Millennials without the drama. Imagine highly engaged team members ready on Day 1 to make an impact within your organization.

That’s KRUSH!  We call them KRUSHERS – Ready on Day 1 to make a difference on your team and grow with your organization.

Hire a KRUSHER!!!

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