Krush Careers LLC exists to put you and your career at the center of what we do.  It’s creating a total life success that’s beyond just getting a job.  You deserve better.  You’ve done all the right things.  No, we are not perfect.  We just KRUSH it!  You deserve to be a KRUSHER too!

A team uniquely balanced between a Millennial and Generation X’er.

Sherlonda Martin

Sherlonda is an Atlanta native.  In the early years, she was raised in southwest Atlanta by her grandmothers because her parents worked blue collar jobs that required them to work different shifts.  By her tween years, she moved home to Decatur to live with her parents.  Sherlonda was a Minority to Majority (M2M) student who attended Lithonia High School and graduated in 1986.

Crystal Meadows

Crystal was born in Wilmington, NC and raised throughout the North and Southeast region – Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama and currently resides in Athens, Georgia. Moving numerous times throughout her school years, it provided her an opportunity to learn the importance of connecting with all people.