Is it Free – Yes!! This is a free program for you as a student. 

  • There is an application process….more details to follow after you complete the survey
  • Minimum of a 2.5   (What?!!!!  Shut up!!) 
  • Be on your P’s and Q’s
  • Bring your personality (Bring the real you!)
  • Involvement in Extracurricular activities

How does this benefit you? 

You will be equipped to Krush it! Not only is your career important but your LIFE is important to us and your community!  Imagine the sense of pride that you will feel when you land the job of your dreams.  It starts with the curricula, the internship and then the job.

A customized Krush Careers curriculum designed to teach real world, practical skills that will benefit you in the corporate world as well as life lessons not taught in college. We will help you understand the impact of your career on the lives of others and the life of your community.

Simply learning how you as a millennial will fit into a corporate lifestyle and how to bring value to corporations quickly will be a HUGE benefit for you. It will certainly be different than the college lifestyle that you are experiencing right now but the investment of time and energy will be worth it. The Tassel is worth the Hassel.

We are here to make your Career Dreams come TRUE!

Your Dream Career Awaits.