Crystal was born in Wilmington, NC and raised throughout the North and Southeast region – Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama and currently resides in Athens, Georgia. Moving numerous times throughout her school years, it provided her an opportunity to learn the importance of connecting with all people. 

Graduating from Campbell in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science, she was determined to get a job because she knew she had done all the right things leading up to graduation day. Highschool included graduating with above a 4.0, being involved in forensics (public speaking), track, National Honor Society, and Student government. College included the usual class schedule, internships, Pharmacy Readiness Enrichment Program, and intramural basketball.

After she completed her senior year summer internship, and was provided with great feedback  she was sure she had landed a job; yet, the company went on a hire freeze. With a 4 year degree, no job and loans she did not have too much of an option; she moved back home with her parents and began to job search. Through training and mentorship she landed her first job 6 months later. She has been in the Pharmaceutical Industry, specific to life sciences, for the last 4 years, focusing primarily on validation. Crystal was married in January 2018, to her best friend and they enjoy traveling and playing sports. Crystal is known for her energy, live personality and ability to connect with anyone she runs into. 

Being that college student and knowing what it feels like not to have a job, she is determined to help everyone she can with her passion to see others grow and prosper in their career dreams. Let’s KRUSH it!!